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Morgan Hill
April1, 2020

Letter: A visit to the Nowhere Train

Driving along Avenue 12 in Madera and then passing the future intersections at Avenue 11, there are structures but the connections are nowhere in sight. They are abandoned and not properly secured as links in the future construction.

Letter: Referendum is your constitutional right

I only wish to see our democratic process respected, and not frustrated by a developer who cares more about making money, and hired teams of people to interfere with that process.

Letter: Petition only serves a single special interest

While Panwala asserts that the city is interfering with the right to referendum, it is actually Panwala and his coalition who are exploiting the referendum process for the benefit of one family at the expense of the residents and voters of Morgan Hill.

Letter: Don’t sign Madrone petition

I’ve asked through social media that citizens not sign the petition and am repeating that request here. Please support our city’s economic development direction to achieve much needed increased revenues (from visitors, not from us!) and allow the construction to go forward in a timely manner.

Letter: Bowmen shafted by county

This is a follow-up to the Aug. 16 article describing what Santa Clara County has done to the Mt. Madonna archery range. In this letter, I hope to shed light on what kind of people we have at our county level.

Letters to the editor: High Speed Rail, Cordoba Center

Mosque will enhance South BayIf you live across from the “mosque” in San Martin used by the Islamic community of South Bay, then you are very well aware that it is a barn turned into a prayer and meeting place, and is not a mosque.And if you haven’t seen 400 families there at one time, it’s because it is a small area, with insufficient parking, and so when there is a need for 400 families to meet, we rent halls at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center to meet those needs and celebrate our events. So thank you for pointing out the very reason that there is a need for a proper place of worship and gathering without compromising the serenity of your neighborhood.As far as what the residents of San Martin care about--water, land use, encroachment and paving over of this rural community--all of these concerns have been addressed. Many of our members are San Martin residents who are concerned with the same issues, and thus the expenditure of thousands of dollars to make sure none of these concerns will be negatively impacted.We will be more than happy to go over all your concerns to ease your anxiety.The Cordoba Center will be an enhancement to the South Bay community, more importantly to San Martin with its beautiful architecture and the orchards surrounding it.I would suggest you see plans for the Cordoba Center and read the results of the draft Environmental Impact Report with an open mind and heart to welcome this project.Nuzi AlaviMorgan HillWishful thinking by HSRThe California High-Speed Rail Authority wants to sell the new downtown alignment as a solution that can work for Morgan Hill. However, HSR presumes a lot when making this claim, including:1. HSR can reach an agreement with Union Pacific to share its right-of-way (at present there is no agreement);2. Electrification will bring more commuter trains to South County (CalTrain and VTA, the entities responsible for commuter trains, have not committed to doing so);3. Grade-level crossings are feasible given the amount of east/west traffic that must pass over the tracks (HSR has not studied the traffic and safety impacts to drivers, pedestrians and emergency services).These are just a few of the known issues.It is unclear how this alignment is anything more than wishful thinking by HSR and any less bad for Morgan Hill.Ryan TreffersMorgan Hill

Letter to the editor: Cordoba Center mosque project

Continue reporting on mosque concernsJudging from the "editor's picks,” you are in support of the Cordoba Center project.There has been a mosque in San Martin for many years. I live across the street from it. I've never seen 400 families there simultaneously. If there were, it would likely be in violation since this area is zoned rural residential.It is interesting that people who do not live in San Martin have free rein in your paper to tell us how we should live. Please stop making this about religion and provide equal comment on what a lot of San Martin residents care about: water, land use, encroachment and the paving over of this rural community.San Martin residents have genuine concerns, having been through water contamination at least twice in recent history. Zoning violations are rampant in this unincorporated town, and the county doesn't have the manpower to deal with the problem.I suggest you read the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance’s document addressing the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Cordoba Center. It came out yesterday, and I'd be happy to forward it to you.Thank you,Dawn PeruSan Martin

Letters to the editor: More on Cordoba Center

Welcome Cordoba Center to San MartinIt is my dream to live in a community where fears are lessened and differences are embraced.I recall learning in grade school that the pilgrims came from England to America seeking freedom of religion. The Muslim faith has deep roots and longevity. It is an authentic religion honoring the same God Christians and Jews honor, as there is only one God. I know exemplary people who embrace and practice the Muslim religion.I have seen the plans for the Cordoba Center proposal. They have been made with the utmost of care so as not to be intrusive to the neighbors. The cemetery is situated so that it has a natural barrier to mitigate any health concerns. The proposed buildings are compatible in size with the surrounding developments. Since all buildings in the Cordoba plans are grouped in one area, there are many open spaces between it and the neighbors."To know one, is to love one.” It is my prayer that the opposition to the Cordoba is not being based on the negative press about Islam. True Christians know that we are all children of God and that He has given us free will to express His love differently.My family of migrant workers settled in Morgan Hill in 1946. We were warmly welcomed. I wish the same acceptance for all who wish to live and visit our community and whose ethical values contribute to the harmony and well-being of our beloved community.I urge our community to support this worthwhile project as it not only would meet the needs of a significant segment of our community, but also enrich us all.Rose HernandezMorgan HillProject larger than othersSan Martin Neighborhood Alliance welcomes all religious institutions to our community.The Cordoba Center project, as proposed is:• Four times the size of the largest religious/communal/social facility currently in San Martin.• Three times the limit that requires "enhanced scrutiny" under the recently revised Santa Clara County Planning and Land Use regulations.• Twice the size that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) concludes would reasonably accommodate the needs identified by the proposers.There are numerous inaccuracies in the DEIR, as well as important issues which are not addressed. The SMNA Board will formally address those issues in written DEIR comments to the county, which at that time will become public record.The proposed cemetery is of particular concern, as it would be sited immediately adjacent to homes dependent on well water for household consumption. We believe, based on the references we have found, that this aspect of the proposal requires further study by cognizant technical experts before it can safely be approved. Further, we believe that suitable alternatives to meet this need exist and have not been explored.San Martin faces tremendous development pressure from its neighbors to the north and south.  If we are to host large developments that our urban neighbors can't or won't accommodate, we hope and expect that the county will honor its General Plan commitment to protect our rural/agricultural community.We would be pleased to engage with the proposers, regarding a more modest project that would meet their needs with substantially less impact, but regretfully cannot support this project as proposed.Sincerely,SMNA Board of DirectorsTrina Hineser, President

Letters to the editor: Cordoba Center

No concrete vaults in Cordoba cemetery