Regarding the article, “Morgan Hill Schools Face Layoffs as District Cuts Millions” (Morgan Hill Times, March 22), it states that MHUSD faces a budget deficit resulting in $5.5 million of staff reductions, due to the end of the one-time Covid-19 funds. As a member of the 2018-2022 MHUSD Board of Education, I remember discussing at multiple meetings that we knew the Covid-19 funds would eventually be cut. 

However, In the best interest of educating the students returning from shelter in place and remote learning, it made sense to use the money to hire extra staff while the funds were available. Since the funds are now cut off, those positions need to be cut as well. 

This is nothing new. Funds get appropriated and funds get cut. 

The district is solely dependent on the flow of state and federal funds. If the funds are reduced, the district can only work with what they have received. Certainly, the district cannot start printing their own money to make up the difference. The dissatisfaction should be directed to the state of California and federal governments. The district cannot spend what it doesn’t have, even if it is in style to be in debt. 

I say KUDOS that the district is taking fiduciary steps to manage their checkbook. Transparency is a word that is subjective. If you didn’t attend the board meetings that discussed the Covid-19 money, its use and short duration, then obviously it is not “transparent” to you. 

Finally, ask yourself, “Is it really the numerous short-term staff on campus that contribute to a quality education, or is it the appropriate number of highly qualified educators that make the difference?”

Heather Orosco

Morgan Hill, former MHUSD trustee

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