I was a greeter for the March 5 Santa Clara County primary election. I trained for three hours for my job, which was to work in a team to direct voters to an area for voting in person. 

When voters dropped off a ballot, my job was to inspect envelopes for correctness so their vote counted. I showed voters where to place envelopes in a drop-off box, never touching envelopes to ensure voting integrity. The box was always secured by at least two people.

I learned there are so many procedures that it is difficult for fraud to occur. I learned if someone tries to vote twice, with checks and balances, only the first vote counts.

If you think fraud occurs, you should volunteer with the Registrar of Voters. If you have an electronics background or you are bilingual, the county can use your skills. 

You’ll find that with so many procedures, fraud is nearly impossible.

Linda OMaley

Morgan Hill

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