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Morgan Hill
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May 27, 2023

Letter to the editor: Herman Garcia deserves Medal of Honor

Herman Garcia deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for his environmental activism. He can be nominated by visiting, going to “Citizen Honors Awards/Apply,” and “Nominate/CMOHS.” Let’s all submit his name.  DJ Smith Gilroy

Letters: National Assisted Living Week, rule of law

Honor our elders, celebrate joy Now that the closures of the pandemic have waned, many are returning to regular schedules and making up for missed travel. I would like to remind everyone that it’s easy to forget that our elders took the brunt of illness...

Letters to the editor: Resurfacing East Dunne, reducing energy costs

‘Excellent job’ on road resurfacing Thank you, Morgan Hill, for paving and striping East Dunne Avenue from Hill Avenue to Holiday Lake Estates and Jackson Oaks.  The pavers and stripers did an excellent job. Linda O’Maley Morgan Hill Reduce energy costs and bill fluctuations We understand no one likes energy...

Letters: Retirees endorse Carr for Mayor; School board needs new leaders

Morgan Hill retirees endorse Larry Carr City employees have a unique perspective on the day-to-day business of the city and the importance of leadership for its success. The City of Morgan Hill is a multi-million dollar municipal corporation operating as a public trust. The city needs thoughtful...

Letter: It’s time to privatize transit

Regarding more public sector rail transit boondoggles feasting off taxpayers forcing up gas taxes and auto fees so that politicians can crow “success” about boondoggle monstrosities like County Transit, Caltrain, Amtrak, etc., thanks for considering transport options, one of my favorite subjects.  The late Secretary...

Religion: As God was creating: Reacting to the Webb Space Telescope

Most Bibles begin with the words “In the beginning.” However, the more recently published Hebrew Bibles offer a different translation: “As God was beginning to create…”   A few lines later, we read that the sun, the moon and the stars are created on the fourth...

Guest view: Help is always available

“Why didn’t you call me?” It's a phrase I've heard multiple times in the last couple of months. People who care about me ask why I didn’t reach out before I got to a very dark place and almost ended my life. It’s a...

Religion: We are better than this

My great-grandfather was a bishop in a small Christian denomination who got his start preaching on street corners. Crowds gathered to hear his message of God’s love. Eventually he founded a church in Dayton, Ohio’s poorest district, leading standing-room-only services. I admire my great-grandfather,...

Religion: The American culture of kindness

rabbi mendel liberow fourth of july freedom fest
A few weeks ago, my family and I joined the Fourth of July celebration organized by the Freedom Fest organization. As we enjoyed the parade and the beautiful weather, we met many community members and friends, all sharing in this beautiful, nearly 150-year-old Morgan...

Letter to the editor: ‘Empathy is stronger than judgment’

This week, Ms. Swanee Edwards wrote a letter that brought up Larry Carr’s name as a comparison to an inequity she pointed at with the South County Democratic Club. Ms. Edwards has been a friend for many years and while we do not believe...