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April 12, 2024

Morgan Hill Missing Money Earned by Gilroy Retailers

Even though I live in Morgan Hill, except for food (groceries,

Note on windshield greatly appreciated

Dear Editor: On Saturday, July 25, at about midnight, I was

Say No to Valley Transportation Authority’s Wasteful Gateway Study

VTA's long awaited Southern Gateway Transportation and Land Use

Cheers to the SCVWD for cutting costs

Cheers to the Santa Clara Valley Water District board and employees who recently negotiated new contracts that will save the agency $7.7 million over the life of the three-year contracts. Starting in April 2012, employees will contribute 15 percent of their health care premiums and pay an increase of 1.1 percent to 11 percent of contributions toward the California Public Employees Retirement System. And, new employees who start after Jan. 1 2012 will earn a rate of 2 percent of their salary for retirement plans, multiplied by their years of service at the age of 60. Current employees maintain the 2.5 percent at the age of 55. Employees will also lose a paid holiday, reducing them to 12 per year. Sick leave payouts upon retirement are capped at 480, with a 50 percent rate of the equivalent cash value.

An explanation of ‘weak two-bids’

Originally, Charles Goren looked at a special class of hands holding seven cards in one suit, but lacking enough high card points (HCP) to open. Goren saw that this length was often wasted as discards. He also recognized that, as a trump suit, this length could be powerful in play. Since Goren used the entire two-level to indicate strong hands, he devised the pre-emptive three-level bid to show solid length in one suit even when lacking enough HCPs to open.

Consider moving freshmen to Live Oak this fall

Recently, there has been discussion about the importance of a

‘A Christmas Carol’: An old chestnut with a new vigor

“The Nutcracker,” “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” even “Mr. Magoo” and “Sesame Street” are traditional Christmas theatre toddies. But you must add “A Christmas Carol” if you haven’t already. This delightful and charming story by Charles Dickens is served up with our Christmas turkey every year somewhere, someplace, everywhere in the world.

Make it About Education

Our View: If the school district wants support, they must give

Organization aids underprivileged students

Santa Clara County is one of the nation’s most prosperous areas. Highly paid Silicon Valley workers have supported an economy featuring luxury cars, expensive homes and high-quality social amenities. Our South Valley area, however, is not so fortunate. Gilroy trails the rest of the county, having high rates of poverty, unemployment and schools struggling to meet the needs of their students.