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Morgan Hill
July 23, 2024

Library belongs next to the Rec Center

Almost four years ago the Library Commission voted to place the

Matthew Wendt a viable alternative

City Council candidate Matthew Wendt quite possibly represents a tour de force in the future of Morgan Hill politics. But he’s not there yet.

Trouble-making duo pushing her to edge of insanity

I don't want to sound paranoid

Register now in order

This country is in the midst of its once-every-four-years

Pound-foolish budget cutting

In the January preliminary budget, Gov. Gray Davis included a

The seasonal flavors of ‘Downton Abbey’

Truffled Egg on Toast, Oysters a la Russe, Lobster Rissoles in Mousseline Sauce and Cavados Glazed Duckling. For those of us in the United States who saw last Sunday’s episode of “Downton Abbey” on PBS, these items sound very familiar from a meal scene featuring the downstairs staff.

Editorial: Parkland purchase needed discussion

The council's decision to purchase 43 acres of land south of

Oppose proposed change to lower super-majority vote

I am a small business attorney. I am like a M*A*S*H surgeon,

Don’t allow ‘The Passion of the Christ’ to spawn hate crimes against Jews

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the Jewish community and the

Spirit of compromise needed on SM airport

It looks like both sides of the South County Airport issue are