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Morgan Hill
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December 11, 2023

Religion: Unanswered Questions

One of the most repeated questions we as human beings ask is, Why? Especially children, who constantly respond to every situation with the same question.

This response may be triggered by different factors: our curiosity, our lack of knowledge, our desire to test someone’s patience, or simply our need to obtain a deeper understanding of the facts or situation. 

Pastor Gilbert Garcia

When it comes to the more serious events in life, the question takes on a whole different meaning: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Why do we suffer? Why do children get cancer? The list goes on and on.

As a pastor, I’ve heard this question so many times (not that I’m tired of this). This happened very recently. Maybe you read or heard the news less than two weeks ago about the three teenagers that were hit by a vehicle on Highway 101 near Salinas. The girl received a back injury, a young man received a leg injury, and the other young man, Alejandro Venegas, died at the scene. Alejandro was a member of my church, Gilroy Bilingual Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The question, “Why?” is the one I have heard the most and is always preceded by the name of God. If God loved Alejandro, why did He permit this to happen? 

Alejandro was a wonderful human being. The last time I saw him was at church. When we hugged, I said, “I love you, man.” Alejandro answered, “I love you too, Pastor.” The next day, he died.

I’m only human and I cannot pretend to have all the answers to why God permits good people to suffer, but I trust Him enough to know He knows exactly what He is doing at any given time, and I know that all things work together for those that love Him and have put their trust in Him.

Rest in Peace Alejandro, and we will see you in the morning.

Gilbert Garcia is pastor of the Morgan Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA), the Gilroy Bilingual SDA, and the Salinas Hispanic SDA Church. He is a member of the Interfaith Clergy Alliance of South County. Pastor Garcia can be reached at [email protected].

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