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Morgan Hill
July 23, 2024

Congressman Honda politicized issue with no vote on Iraq resolution

EDITOR: In the early morning hours of March 21, Congressman Mike

Deficit due to lack of discipline in spending by state

EDITOR: California's budget crisis is not complicated and it is

From recreation to competition to fitness, aquatic center is a good idea

EDITOR: Swimming has been a part of my life for as long as I can

Build the community aquatic center and users will come from near and far

EDITOR: The purpose of this letter is twofold, one, to respond

Create a more positive place for each and every resident in community

EDITOR: In the wake of the Iraq war, we must remember that our

Counselors, nurses and support staff face budget cuts along with teachers

EDITOR: My name is Sara Schoonover and I work for Morgan Hill

Don’t be so quick to draw a conclusion or rush to judgment – it hurts

EDITOR: I have never been so hurt as to see my son hurt by such

Why not start school district cuts at the top of the administrative chain?

EDITOR: I believe that the school board and the Live Oak High

Community Center was designed for use by everyday folks like you and me

EDITOR: I am writing in response to Marby Lee's negative