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Morgan Hill
April 24, 2024

Consider parcel tax to help fund the education of community’s children

EDITOR: Anyone who has attended the last couple of Morgan Hill

Keep El Toro Elementary School principal; she’s the fourth in 7 years

EDITOR: It is our understanding that Morgan Hill Unified has

Why the negativity about a facility that is an outstanding addition?

EDITOR: Marby Lee's column in the March 18 Times claims that the

Ninth-graders can be accommodated on Live Oak campus

EDITOR: The members of the Board of Trustees of the Morgan Hill

There is enough demand in community to support new aquatic center

EDITOR: I am having trouble understanding all the fuss over the

Money spent for the Restortative Justice Program is money well spent

EDITOR: A recent article in The Times (front page, Feb. 25)

We are currently at war against terrorism; this war has never stopped

EDITOR: I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of opinions and

Enlarging Live Oak makes more sense than building second high school

Common sense seems to take a vacation when it comes to building

Approve 50m pool in first phase of the much-needed aquatic center

Got Pool? What will it take for Morgan Hill to see the value in