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Measure I is essential to protecting and maintaining the high quality schools that help set our community apart. We have aging schools that need essential repairs, and the demands of competing in our 21st  century global economy require technology and lab upgrades to ensure modern science, math and hands-on instruction. Our students need the skills to compete and succeed in the world today and tomorrow.

Some wonder why Measure I would fund a long-term facilities plan, instead of just our immediate needs. We believe local governments should plan long-term, and that’s exactly what our local school district has done. We should encourage that kind of long-term planning in local government, and support Measure I.

Measure I represents a transparent, sound, long-term plan to upgrade and repair local schools today, and keep our schools safe and well-maintained long into the future. Measure I ensures that these needed repairs and improvements can be made without coming back to taxpayers for increased taxes in the future… and Measure I also ensures those who move into our community in the future, and take advantage of our forethought today by using our well-kept, safe, modern schools, will pay their fair share.

Morgan Hill Unified School District has a proven track record of using taxpayer funds wisely. Independent citizen oversight and a long history of annual, public audits show this. All of these reports, as well as the Measure I long-term facility plan, are available at mhusd.org under Business Services.

Measure I will help ensure local students and teachers work in safe, modern classrooms and labs, and that our students can gain the technical, hands-on skills needed for the world today.

It’s sad that a few opponents have been vandalizing signs and intimidating people on social media. We believe that our community values civil debate and can make calm, deliberate decisions. After all, we are all neighbors and we all care for our community.

We encourage you to take the time to learn about Measure I, and we hope you’ll join the hundreds of community members who have taken time to walk precincts, make phone calls and endorse Measure I.

Vote Yes on I for Strong Morgan Hill Schools.

Rosy Bergin, Owner of Rosy’s at the Beach

Mario Banuelos, Community Member

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