Preliminary data for positive Covid-19 cases in Santa Clara County over the last seven days show that the daily rate of new infections has stayed about the same since the county moved into the state’s “orange tier” about a week ago.

Meanwhile, on Oct. 17 county officials reported that the County of Santa Clara Health System has surpassed 274,000 Covid-19 tests performed on local residents. This is more than twice the amount of tests performed by any other large healthcare system, although all such systems are now required to provide Covid-19 testing to essential workers and individuals they cover. 

The county health system includes Valley Medical Center and Saint Louise Regional Hospital. 

The county’s testing rate—which exceeds the state’s average rate of testing per capita—was a key factor in the county’s recent move to the State of California’s Orange Tier on Oct. 13. 

“If you have been tested for Covid-19 before, it may be time for another test,” said Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Covid-19 Testing Officer for the County of Santa Clara. “Many workers need to be tested once a month or even more, especially if you have frequent interaction with the public. If you have health insurance, ask your regular doctor for a test. For those without health insurance, or for anyone who finds it more convenient, County-operated Covid-19 test sites are available to you right now.”

As of Oct. 19, the total number of Covid-19 tests conducted in Santa Clara County is 905,561, according to the county’s Covid-19 data dashboard. The test positivity rate seven-day average is 1.6 percent. 

The county continues to operate a Gilroy testing site at the South County Annex, 9300 Wren Ave., in Gilroy. The site will be open this week 11am to 5:30pm Oct. 20 to Oct. 23. The county test sites provide Covid-19 testing free of charge, without a doctor’s note. No appointment is required at the Gilroy site. 

As of Oct. 19, the county’s Covid-19 dashboard shows there have been 23,224 positive cases in Santa Clara County since the pandemic began. The seven-day average of new cases on Oct. 12—one day before more indoor businesses started opening up under orange tier restrictions—was 101. The seven-day average one week earlier, on Oct. 5, was 98 new daily cases. 

Also as of Oct. 19, 373 people have died with Covid-19 in Santa Clara County, according to the county’s public health dashboard. 


As of Oct. 19:

World: 40,256,991 cases; 1,116,060 deaths

U.S.: 8,189,710 cases; 219,950 deaths

Santa Clara County: 23,224 cases; 373 deaths

Morgan Hill: 650 cases

Gilroy: 1,655 cases

San Jose: 15,379 cases

As of Oct. 13:

World: 37,999,713 cases; 1,083,597 deaths

U.S.: 7,847,714 cases; 215,702 deaths

Santa Clara County: 22,741 cases; 363 deaths

Morgan Hill: 641 cases

Gilroy: 1,617 cases

San Jose: 14,994 cases

As of Oct. 6:

World: 35,567,574 cases; 1,045,563 deaths

U.S.: 7,467,186 cases; 210,355 deaths

Santa Clara County: 21,926 cases; 345 deaths

Morgan Hill: 622 cases

Gilroy: 1,582 cases

San Jose: 14,422 cases


Morgan Hill 

July 14: 162

July 21: 194

July 22: 213

July 29: 251 (rate per 100,000 population: 572)

Aug. 3: 278

Aug. 10: 341

Aug. 12: 348

Aug. 20: 428

Aug. 31: 497 (rate: 1,133)

Sept. 1: 501

Sept. 15: 572

Sept. 28: 614 (rate: 1,399)

Oct. 19: 650


July 14: 323

July 21: 414 

July 22: 453

July 29: 524 (rate per 100,000 population: 944)

Aug. 3: 615

Aug. 10: 804

Aug. 12: 815

Aug. 20: 967

Aug. 31: 1,152 (rate: 2,075)

Sept. 1: 1,162

Sept. 15: 1,382

Sept. 28: 1,539 (rate: 2,772)

Oct. 19: 1,655

San Martin 95046

July 29: 47 (rate: 780)

Aug. 3: 50

Aug. 10: 56

Aug. 12: 57

Aug. 20: 67

Aug. 31: 78 (rate: 1,295)

Sept. 1: 80

Sept. 15: 100

Sept. 28: 116 (rate: 1,925)

Oct. 19: 127

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