Aug. 11, 2003

• The following were adopted by roll call vote, 6-0 P

• Adopted resolution to avoid delays in payment of liabilities of the district, which may result if the board of education is required to adopt individual resolutions for each budget transfer.

• Adopted resolution authorizing signing authority in the absence of the district superintendent, Dr. Carolyn McKennan, to the deputy superintendent for business services, Bonnie Branco, the assistant superintendent for educational services, Claudette Beaty and the assistant superintendent for human resources development, training, research and communications, Denise Tate.

• Adopted resolution to accept donations made to the MHSD.

• Adopted resolution to accept increases to budgets as a result of donations and make changes between funds as needed.

Aug. 25, 2003

• Voted 6-0 to approve waiver for speech therapist (2) and special day class (1) teachers. P

• Voted 6-0 to approve Community Adult School course offerings for the 2003-2004 school year. P

• Voted 6-0 to approve travel for 40 Live Oak High School varsity football players to attend the Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base in San Luis Obispo leaving Friday, Sept. 5, and returning Sunday, Sept. 7. P

• Voted 6-0 to adopt budget development calendar for 2004-2005 with additions. P

• Voted to approve travel for 12 members of the girls’ volleyball team to attend a tournament in Reno, Nev., leaving Thursday, Sept. 4 and returning Saturday, Sept. 6. P

Amina Khemichi was absent

P Passed, F Failed, C

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