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For honor and worship to my Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni (Sod Chandasaro), also known as Luang Pu Wat Paknam (a famous and well-known monk in Thailand). We just celebrated his 139th Birthday on Oct. 10, 2023.

I will go in detail about the method for practicing meditation that he taught. The technique is called “Dhammakaya Meditation Technique,” and its purpose is to attain the “truth body,” which focuses on the center of the body. 

Based on the Great Master’s teaching, to maintain one’s attention at the center of the body, the practitioner may imagine a bright shining sphere together with the mantra (reciting words “Sammā Arahaṃ”) to keep one’s focus within at the location. This is the place where one can reach the source of happiness. 

The above diagram illustrates the Great Master’s Dhammakaya Meditation Technique. Contributed photo.

The chart the Master employed to guide his teaching uses the seven bases as the pathway along the body to the homebase of the mind. The chart is described as follows, and illustrated in the accompanying image:

The first base is at the nostril—left nostril for women and right for men. The second base is at the eye corner at the tear duct—left for women and right for men. The third base is in the middle part of the head. The fourth base is at the roof of the mouth. The fifth base is at the throat center, above the Adam’s apple. The sixth base is the center of the body at the navel level. 

The seventh base is two fingers’ width above the navel. This is the center of gravity. It is known as the homebase of the mind. It is the most important point where the practitioner can reach true happiness. 

Briefly, the practitioner draws attention back to oneself along the pathway through to the center of body. Be mindful and keep awareness at the seventh base, by visualizing a bright shining sphere floating at the center of the body. Rest comfortably together with mantra “Sammā Arahaṃ” as long as needed. 

The seventh base, the middle way starting from the very center of the body, is the only gateway to inner peace and to achieving nirvana. “Stillness is the key to success,” is the teaching of the Great Master.

It is a great blessing for us to know this noble path that had been lost for a long time. Now that it has been discovered, we may bring the path back to the world. 

We are grateful to the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni who sacrificed his life to find the truth and share the knowledge. 

Phrakrubhavavides (Manikanto Bhikkhu) is the senior Abbott of the Dhammakaya Meditation Center Silicon Valley. An ordained Buddhist Monk for 33 years, he is an active member of the Interfaith Clergy Alliance and can be reached at [email protected].

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