There are times in life when we find ourselves called from seasons of relative peace and tranquility into what we know will be a time of unknown storm. Sometimes the storm chooses us. Sometimes we choose the storm. 

As we navigate our way forward, we can either cower at the prospect of what is coming or lash ourselves to the wheel and seek to steer the straightest course we can—with the hope that somehow, someway, the other side of the tempest will find a next season in life dawning bright and clear.

Pastor Frank Riley

Storms come in many forms—perhaps a loss of dream, a relationship untethered, the choice to leave a secure place for one that is insecure. 

At other times in life, the storm is one we choose to chase with the greatest sense of adventure! Blow winds! Blow! While those around you cower, you scream with delight at the gale before you. 

Storms! They test our faith or build our character. Sometimes they threaten to destroy us and raise in us misgivings or doubts we didn’t even know we had. Sometimes we are rocked by them or harmed. Storms, by their nature, carry danger.

Are there alternatives to storms? Sometimes. Some may be put off or skirted altogether. But the choice to bypass may be the choice to languish and miss the greatest adventure you were destined for. 

God of Cloud and Sea and Storm

Guide me! Sails furled or torn!

Steer my course without dismay

Through howling night to break of day!

To the brave or the crazy; the hurting, the buffeted, the harassed, the adventurer…

Stow your gear! 

Ready yourself for action! 

Lash yourself to the mast if you must! 

And turn again into the growing winds of storm. 

Yes, you may find yourself untethered in every way but be convinced that though alone, God will never leave you unaccompanied.

Frank Riley is Pastor at Grace Hill Church in Morgan Hill and CAPT Chaplain Corps United States Navy. Pastor Riley is a part of the Interfaith Clergy Alliance of South County and can be reached at [email protected].  

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