Morgan Hill Police have recently seized credit card skimming devices from local ATMs, and are advising the public on how to identify and avoid the illicit machinery. 

Credit card skimmers can be attached by criminals to Automated Teller Machines in order to collect and use patrons’ card information for fraudulent purposes, according to authorities. 

On Oct. 13, MHPD officers responded to a call for service regarding a card skimmer at Bank of America, 200 Cochrane Plaza. Upon arrival, officers contacted the reporting party, who turned over a skimmer that was attached to an ATM on site, authorities said in a post to the Morgan Hill Police Department Facebook page. 

On Nov. 2, police seized another credit card skimmer on an ATM inside the World Gas station, 16720 Monterey Road, according to authorities.
“It is possible that more skimmers have been placed on ATMs or gas pumps in Morgan Hill,” reads the Nov. 3 social media post. “MHPD is reminding the public to be on the lookout for these devices whenever using credit cards at these types of locations.”

Police said some indications that a skimmer has been placed on a machine are:

– Wires seen sticking out of the card reader.

– The card reader is loose or appears damaged.

– Tape or tape residue on the card reader slot.

– The card reader looks different or off-color from the rest of the machine.

Anyone who notices a fraudulent device appears to be affixed to the machine is encouraged to notify the bank/store management, and make sure the police have been contacted, authorities said. 

MHPD also recommends people frequently check their bank accounts for unusual or unauthorized activity.

If you have used your ATM/credit card at the Bank of America or World Gas Station and think there may be fraudulent activity, contact MHPD Det. Scott Purvis at 408.779.2101.

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