A woman was arrested after brandishing a firearm at employees hired by the homeowners’ association to work on the residential property. The woman, a resident of Shasta Lane, allegedly exited the home and told the Spanish-speaking workers to “get off her lawn” while holding a rifle or shotgun, according to police reports. The workers called police, who set up a perimeter around the woman’s home before attempting to contact her. In response to commands from officers, the woman exited the home peacefully and was arrested, without further incident, on suspicion of brandishing. The incident was reported 11:03am Feb. 18.

Grand theft

Someone stole a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked at an apartment complex on the 16500 block of Monterey Road. The theft was reported 3:47pm Feb. 19.

Shelter in place

A customer was reportedly being hostile about being asked to wear a mask at Chipotle, 775 Cochrane Road. The incident was reported 11:34am Feb. 19.

A customer of Commonwealth Credit Union, located at Tennant Station in Morgan Hill, called police to report the bank office’s staff refused to allow him to enter without a mask. The man told police he has a medical condition that prohibits him from wearing a mask. The incident was reported 2:14pm Feb. 19.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a white Ford Explorer from a spot on Diana Avenue. The crime was reported 10:24am Feb. 17.

A thief or thieves stole a gray 2015 Kia Soul from a spot on White Moon Drive. The theft was reported 10:52pm Feb. 14.

Municipal code violation

A homeless man defecated in front of a salon on Monterey Road. The incident was reported 3:48pm Feb. 17.

Animal control

A small dog was attacked by a pit bull that was off leash on Willow Creek Drive. The small dog suffered puncture wounds and was treated at a nearby veterinarian’s office. The incident was reported 6:23pm Feb. 17.

Two cows were seen wandering next to U.S. 101 just north of Cochrane Road. The cows appeared to have broken out of a damaged fence on a nearby property. The incident was reported 8:10am Feb. 19.

Petty theft

A suspect stole items from CVS Pharmacy, 16995 Walnut Grove Drive, and left in a gray Mazda. The crime was reported 8:22pm Feb. 17.

Someone stole a plant from the front lobby of Executive Inn & Suites on Condit Road. The theft was reported 12:15pm Feb. 12.

Three suspects are accused of stealing $300 worth of merchandise from Ross Dress For Less, 16955 Monterey Road. The suspects entered the store with a stroller with no baby, and used the stroller to hide merchandise in. The theft was reported 4:44pm Feb. 12.

A customer of the AMPM Mini-Mart stole motor oil, Gatorade, chips, a mask and other merchandise, and left the area in a white Honda Accord. The theft was reported 11:58pm Feb. 13.

A suspect stole running shoes, sweatpants, sweater and other items from Big 5 Sporting Goods, 150 Cochrane Plaza. The crime was reported 3:39pm Feb. 14.

Someone broke into an unlocked Ford parked on Depot Street and stole a bottle of hand sanitizer. The theft was reported 10:08am Feb. 21.

A thief ran out of the emergency exit of Dick’s Sporting Goods, 1007 Cochrane Road, carrying a “large amount of clothing,” according to police reports. The theft was reported 1:43pm Feb. 21.


A suspect stole electronics items worth at least $800 from Walmart, 170 Cochrane Plaza. The male suspect got into the seat of a silver Honda Odyssey and fled the area. The crime was reported 6:30pm Feb. 12.


A victim met someone at a shopping center parking lot to conduct a private sale of a video game console facilitated from the website Offer Up. The buyer took the video game console and left without paying, in the process injuring the seller who tried to stop the male suspect. The victim was dragged about 10 feet by the suspect’s vehicle as he fled. The crime was reported 6:57pm Feb. 12.


A vandal or vandals painted obscene political graffiti on the sidewalk in front of a home on West Dunne Avenue. The vandalism was reported 6:26pm Feb. 21.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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