Crime blotter
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Someone slashed two tires on a vehicle parked outside Royal Court Apartments, located on Monterey Road. The vandalism was reported 9:43pm Jan. 21.

A suspect or suspects painted a “Nazi symbol” on the sign in front of P.A. Walsh School, 353 W. Main Ave., according to police reports. The crime was reported 10:19am Jan. 19.

Stolen vehicle

A thief or thieves stole a 1996 Honda Odyssey from an apartment complex on the 17600 block of Crest Avenue. The theft was reported 6:51am Jan. 23.

A white BMW that had been reported stolen was recovered on San Tomas Lane in Morgan Hill. The vehicle was recovered 10:03am Jan. 23.

Someone stole a 2000 Honda Civic from Sun Basket, 18675 Madrone Parkway. The crime was reported 1:36pm Jan. 17.

Grand theft

A male adult broke into the gym at The Courtyard Marriott hotel on Madrone Parkway and stole exercise equipment from the weight room. The suspect loaded the stolen items into a van. The crime was reported 4:17pm Jan. 23. A similar theft of gym equipment was reported at La Quinta Inn hotel, 17043 Condit Road, on Jan. 10.

Someone stole the catalytic converter off a red 2007 Toyota Prius parked on Calle Hermosa. The crime was reported 10:15am Jan. 20.


Someone stole two mountain bikes and a video game console from the garage of a residence on Lancia Drive. The resident told police they had left the garage door open overnight. The burglary was reported 8:54am Jan. 24.

A suspect or suspects broke into a container at a construction site at Hill Road and East Dunne Avenue and stole tools worth about $8,000. The theft was reported 8:09am Jan. 20.

Someone broke into Strixe, 650 Tennant Station, and stole a cash register from the bar. The suspect or suspects made entry to the building by smashing a front window, also making entry to Betsy’s restaurant. The crime was reported 11:43pm Jan. 20.

Petty theft

Someone stole pallets from The Home Depot, 860 E. Dunne Ave. The theft was reported 6:03am Jan. 20.

Auto burglary

A burglar or burglars smashed the window of a Ford F350 and stole an x-ray machine valued at about $100,000. The crime was reported 8:27am Jan. 20, on the 15600 block of Santorini Lane.

Someone broke into a Jeep Cherokee parked in the downtown parking structure, 50 E. Third St., and stole a purse. The crime was reported 1:27pm Jan. 20.

A thief or thieves smashed the window of a Ford F250 and stole tools from inside the vehicle, which was parked on La Vela Court. The crime was reported 6:49am Jan. 21.

Shelter in place

A customer of The Home Depot, 860 E. Dunne Ave., grew angry when asked to wear a mask, and refused to leave the store.


A suspect has been seen multiple times dumping garbage on a property on the 16400 block of Monterey Road. The latest incident was reported 4:55pm Jan. 18.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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