Crime blotter

Lost property
The rear license plate of a black Mercedes on Warren Avenue was missing from the vehicle. The loss was reported 6:11pm April 5.
Loud music and car racing sounds coming from the downtown garage, 50 E. Third Street, were heard echoing through the neighborhood. The disturbance was reported 10:31pm April 5.
Petty theft
Two men stole a shopping cart full of groceries from Walmart, 170 Cochrane Plaza. The theft was reported 11:23pm April 5.
A customer stole two packages of string cheese and a container of apple juice from Starbucks, 251 Vineyard Town Center Way. The theft was reported 11:32am April 6.
A thief or thieves stole two batteries worth about $600 from a trailer, while it was parked at Executive Inn Suites, 16505 Condit Road. The crime was reported 2:01pm April 7.
A suspect stole two cartons of boxed wine from Nob Hill Foods, 451 Vineyard Town Center Way. The crime was reported 4:28pm March 29.
A suspect stole three bags of potato chips and sodas from the Chevron gas station, 825 E. Dunne Ave. The theft was reported 1:33am April 1.
A customer of Safeway, 235 Tennant Station Way, walked out of the store with several cuts of steak without paying for them. The theft was reported 2:20pm April 3.
Someone stole tools from a toolbox on a Dodge Ram that was parked on Tassajara Circle. The crime was reported 8:28am April 4. 
Grand theft
An employee of Prova restaurant, 17340 Monterey Road, is accused of stealing about $1,000 cash from the business over a one-month period. The theft was reported 5:32pm April 9.
Stolen vehicle
A thief or thieves stole a green Honda Civic from a spot on the 16500 block of Monterey Road. The crime was reported 4:39am April 10.  
A white 2002 Chevrolet pickup, previously reported stolen, was recovered at Maple Leaf RV Park, 15200 Monterey Road. The vehicle had been stripped, and was not operable. The truck was recovered 6:56pm April 7.
Someone stole a bronze Ford F150 pickup from a spot on the 100 block of Manor Court. The crime was reported 11:05am April 9.
A thief or thieves stole a blue Honda Civic from a spot on the 200 block of East Dunne Avenue. The crime was reported 6:29am April 4.
Someone stole a white 2000 Ford van from the 15500 block of Monterey Road. The van says “Bill’s Hardwood Floors” on the back on the sides. The crime was reported 6:34am April 4.
Someone scratched the paint on a 2016 Toyota Camry parked on the 16500 block of Monterey Road. The vandalism was reported 1:53pm April 7.
A resident of the 1600 block of Acacia Way reported that someone smashed the window of his vehicle overnight. The damage was reported 12:52pm March 31.
A guest at Budget Inn, 19240 Monterey Road, stole a 43-inch Samsung television set from a room. The crime was reported 11:09am April 8.
A suspect or suspects hacked into a victim’s Wells Fargo account and wired $1,000 to another account. The fraud was reported 3:13pm March 29.
A guest of Executive Inn Suites, 16505 Condit Road, paid for a four-night stay at the hotel with a stolen credit card. The value of the fraud was about $484. The fraud was reported 1:18pm March 30.
A vehicle was spinning donuts in the parking lot near McDonalds, 201 Vineyard Town Center Way, when the vehicle suffered damages. A witness followed the damaged vehicle out of the parking lot onto Monterey Road, as the car had its emergency lights on and was swerving. The damaged vehicle crashed at a construction site off Monterey Road, and the driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The accident was reported 12:15am March 30.
Drunk in public
Three men were drinking alcohol in the back of Ross Dress For Less, 16955 Monterey Road. The crime was reported 10:33am March 30.
A burglar or burglars broke into a storage unit at Global Mini Storage, 16345 Church Street, by drilling or cutting through the lock. The crime was reported 12:58pm March 30.
A resident of the 200 block of Burnett Avenue caught a burglar attempting to steal his tools. The suspect was chased away before stealing anything. The crime was reported 12:58am April 11.
Two juveniles broke a window of the Saint Louise Medical Center Radiology building at 18550 De Paul Drive. The building has been closed and empty for some time, and it did not appear the juveniles stole anything from inside. The burglary was reported 6:56pm April 3.
Auto burglary
Someone broke into a gray Dodge Ram on the 700 block of San Sebastian Place, and stole a wallet and cash from the vehicle. The crime was reported 8:49am April 1.
A thief or thieves broke into a work truck, a Ford F150, parked on the 700 block of Roble Drive. The crime was reported 12:49pm April 1.
All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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