Reckless vehicles

Two vehicles—one a white Chevrolet Camaro—were seen racing and spinning donuts in the downtown parking structure, 50 East Third St. The recklessness was reported 8:21pm Feb. 5.


Someone broke open the front door of Fast Stop food store, 15878 Monterey Road, and burglarized the business. The crime was reported 8:47am Feb. 6.

Welfare check

A man was arrested after he was seen loitering in a residential area on San Benancio Way Feb. 6. The man’s vehicle was parked in front of a home for several hours, and was seen vomiting from his car. The incident was reported 4:27pm Feb. 6.

Shelter in place

Someone reported two teenage girls who were not wearing masks refused to leave a playground structure off Bradford Way. Police arrived and did not see any people at the park. The incident was reported 4:53pm Feb. 6.

Petty theft

A suspect stole a package from the front porch of a residence on Jackson Oaks Way, and the homeowner captured security camera images of a blue hatchback vehicle leaving the scene. The theft was reported 11:11am Feb. 4.

Stolen vehicle

A thief or thieves stole a 2001 maroon Ford van from Maple Leaf RV Park, 15200 Monterey Road. The theft was reported 11:55am Feb. 4.

Suspicious person

A suspicious adult male was seen in the parking lot of a hotel on the 61000 block of Condit Road, using a flashlight to look inside vehicles. The man had a bicycle with him, and was wearing baggy clothing. The suspect was reported 11:05pm Feb. 4.

Petty theft

An employee of Dick’s Sporting Goods, 1007 Cochrane Road, was cited on suspicion of theft after he reportedly stole a jacket worth about $100 from the store. The theft was reported 7:04am Feb. 5.


A vandal or vandals broke into multiple vehicles overnight at Victory Honda, 17100 Laurel Road. The crime was reported 2:01pm Feb. 3.

Grand theft

Someone stole 12 mailboxes from a residential area on Prancer Court. The theft was reported 8:18am Feb. 4.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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