Graffiti abatement

A resident reported that someone painted swastikas onto trees next to a playground on Via Del Castille. The graffiti was reported 12:38pm Nov. 3.


A customer of Walmart threatened to light people on fire inside the store, located at 170 Cochrane Plaza. The disturbance was reported 1:10pm Nov. 3.

Auto burglary

A thief or thieves broke into a vehicle parked at Taco Bell, 17000 Condit Road, and stole a bag with a laptop computer inside. The suspect or suspects fled in a silver Honda sedan with no plates. The crime was reported 8:01pm Nov. 6.

A group of teens broke into a blue Honda parked outside Daily Bagel Café, 614 Tennant Station Way, and stole some items. The crime was reported 6:52pm Nov. 3.

Someone smashed a window on a rented Dodge Durango parked outside Mod Pizza, 1031 Cochrane Road, and stole luggage and passports. The crime was reported 9:38pm Nov. 5.

A thief or thieves smashed the window on a blue Odyssey van and stole a purse. The crime was reported 8:04am Nov. 6 on East Main Avenue.


A victim purchased stereo equipment for $500 out of the back of a truck, and returned home to find the merchandise did not work. The items were purchased from a suspect or suspects in the Home Depot parking lot. The crime was reported 1:23pm Nov. 7.

A resident of San Pedro Avenue said someone fraudulently charged about $400 worth of purchases to her credit cards. The crime was reported 2:06pm Nov. 2.

Traffic accident

A commuter bus crashed into a utility pole in the center divide of Butterfield Boulevard near Diana Avenue. The bus driver continued his route, and returned to the accident scene to make a report. No injuries were reported. The accident was reported 7:41pm Oct. 24.

A vehicle ran off the roadway on U.S. 101 near East Dunne Avenue and collided into a creek area. The vehicle caught on fire after the collision. The accident was reported 6:25pm Nov. 2.


A burglar or burglars stole a pocket bike and car exhaust pipe from a residential garage on Jarvis Drive, while two of the home’s residents were in the house. The residents present did not see or hear the burglary occur. The crime was reported 8:43pm Oct. 24.

Someone broke into a locked storage container and stole between $6,000 and $8,000 worth of tools and construction equipment. The crime was reported 7:22am Nov. 5 in the area of Butterfield Boulevard and East Central Avenue.

A suspect or suspects broke into Madrone Food and Meat Market, 19120 Monterey Road, and stole lottery tickets. The crime occurred overnight while the store was closed, and was reported 9:25am Oct. 24.

Hit and run

A white Saturn rear-ended a vehicle near the intersection of Cochrane Plaza and Madrone Parkway, and fled the scene. The driver of the victim vehicle, which sustained damage to the rear bumper, reported the hit and run to police. The crime was reported 4:31pm Nov. 2.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a white Honda Civic from a spot on Park Way. The crime was reported 7:12am Nov. 3.

A thief or thieves stole a blue Ford Focus hatchback from the parking lot of Rosy’s At The Beach restaurant, 17320 Monterey Road. The crime was reported 10:47am Nov. 3.

Petty theft

A suspect was arrested after attempting to steal a cart full of merchandise from Walmart, 170 Cochrane Plaza. The crime was reported 9:25am Nov. 4.

Two women were arrested for stealing a purse, slippers and other items from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The suspects were detained by store security before police arrived to arrest them. The crime was reported 6:32pm Nov. 5.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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