Crime blotter


A gray BMW SUV collided with the side of a residential building at 310 E. Dunne Ave. The accident was reported 2:51pm March 22.

A silver pickup truck drove off the road and onto the property of a residence, coming to a stop after becoming stuck on a retaining wall. The accident happened in the area of La Crosse Drive and La Bella Court. It was reported 6:22pm March 26.

A Nissan Altima collided with a bicyclist in the area of Burnett Avenue and Monterey Road, resulting in minor injuries to the cyclist. The accident was reported 6:59pm March 27.

Suspicious person

A witness called police to report that a man was walking along the railroad tracks I the area of Saint Agatha Lane and Diana Avenue, with his pants pulled down below his buttocks. An officer contacted the man, who “agreed to move along and keep his pants up.” The incident was reported 6:35pm March 22.


An employee of Saint Louise Regional Hospital called police to report a patient was receiving treatment after being assaulted by two suspects at Gavilan College, at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, 17000 Monterey Road. The victim suffered busted teeth and facial injuries. The crime was reported 9:22pm March 22.

A Safeway employee was “jumped” by three unknown suspects in the parking lot of the store at 235 Tennant Station Way. The battery was reported 11:04pm March 23.

Petty theft

A thief stole two television sets worth about $400 from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The crime was reported 12:15pm March 27.

A female suspect stole hair spray and other beauty items from Safeway, 840 E. Dunne Ave. The crime was reported 12:15am March 28.

Someone stole a backpack that a customer accidentally left at Burger King, 1107 Cochrane Road. Inside the backpack were four French passports, four ID cards from Mexico, four L.A. Lakers tickets, four tickets to Universal Studios in Los Angeles and one credit card. The theft was reported 10:16am March 28.

A customer of DSW, 1015 Cochrane Road, stole two pairs of shoes from the store and left the area in a silver Honda. The theft was reported 5:33pm March 24.

A suspect stole two Fitbit devices, worth about $300 each, from Target, 1061 Cochrane Road. The crime was reported 9:25pm March 25.

A thief stole two bottles of alcohol from Safeway, 235 Tennant Station Way. The crime was reported 7:17am March 26.

Narcotics complaint

An employee of Ross Dress For Less, 16955 Monterey Road, complained that two customers inside the store were acting suspiciously. One of the male customers, who was in a wheelchair, was seen carrying a gun in his pocket. The incident was reported 2:03pm March 28. 


A thief or thieves used a victim’s debit card number to make a purchase for about $1,230, plus $40 cash back at Rite Aid, 16000 Monterey Road. The fraud was reported 11:50am March 26.


Someone stole a gas leaf blower and electric compressor from an unlocked shed at Woodland Estates, on the 100 block of Walnut Drive. The crime was reported 12:15pm March 23.


A resident of Murphy Court returned home to find the residence ransacked and a truck missing. A door into the garage was open. The crime was reported 2:19pm March 23.

A resident of Tarragon Avenue returned home to find the residence burglarized. The burglar or burglars ransacked the home. The burglary was reported 5:37pm March 23.


A male customer of the Metro PCS store at 16415 Monterey Road got into a fight with employees of the store. The fight was reported 5:19pm March 23.

At least four males were fighting in the rear parking lot of the M&H Tavern, 17365 Monterey Road. The subjects had been celebrating a 21st birthday party. One of the fighters’ mother arrived to take them home. The fight was reported 12:07am March 25.

Stolen vehicle

Someone stole a black Honda Civic from an apartment complex on the 100 block of Cosmo Avenue. The crime was reported 3:15pm March 24.

Auto burglary

Someone smashed the window of a blue Honda on the 200 block of Burnett Avenue. The victim said two other vehicles on the same street appeared to have been broken into. The crime was reported 3:06pm March 25.

A thief or thieves broke into a Ford F250 in the parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness, 850 Tennant Station Way, and stole a credit card and $100 cash. The credit card was later used at a Best Buy store. The burglary was reported 3:35pm March 29.

Grand theft

A thief or thieves stole outdoor playground equipment from Trinity Bible Church, 16100 Caputo Drive. The approximate value of the stolen items was $2,000. The crime was reported 5:06pm March 25.

Domestic incident

A female resident of Thomas Grade Avenue told police that her husband had spread gasoline all over the interior of the house, and poured gasoline on her leg. No injuries resulted, and the man was arrested. The incident was reported 7:07pm March 25.

Animal control

A dog that lives on the 2900 block of Bent Oak Lane was bitten by the neighbor’s dog, and it was the second time it has happened since summer 2017. The victim dog suffered two large puncture holes in the latest incident, which was reported 6:22pm March 28.

A resident of the area of Oak Canyon and Jackson Oaks drive saw a large mountain lion disappear into the bushes, just outside a public works substation near the road. The predator sighting was reported 10:57am March 20.


Someone ripped the door to a small utility room on the 15500 block of Monterey Road off its hinges. The crime was reported 9:57am March 29.

All subjects are innocent until proven guilty. Information is compiled from public records.

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