May 19

Auto burglary: A resident of Rustling Oak Court reported two vehicles were broken into overnight, a Honda Civic and an Isuzu Rodeo. One window was shattered, and gas was siphoned from one of the vehicles. The stereo systems were stolen from both the Honda and the Isuzu. The report was taken at 8am.

Battery: Sobrato High School reported a student was assaulted the day before. The report was taken at 8:07am.

Stolen vehicle: A Morgan Hill resident reported their Kia Sedona was stolen from the Home Depot parking lot. The report was taken at 10:52am.

Burglary: A resident of Carriage Lamp Way reported he came home and noticed his computers were missing. The house was ransacked and numerous items were stolen, including a checkbook. A side door of the residence was left open. The report was taken at 12:18pm.

Petty theft: A Central Continuation High School student reported someone stole an iPod, valued at $300, from a classroom at the school. The report was taken at 12:40pm.

Battery: A Morgan Hill resident reported she was in front of the Cinelux theater in Tennant Station shopping center and a male she doesn’t know ran up to her, grabbed her and kissed her. The report was taken at 7:59pm.

May 20

Burglary: MH Engineering Company on Vineyard Boulevard reported someone entered the building and stole a computer. The front door was found unlocked, though employees are positive they locked the building. The report was taken at 9:35am.

Vandalism: A Prudential California Realty sign was torn off a post on Venetian Way; the post and the sign were both damaged. The report was taken at 6:50pm.

May 21

Petty theft: A resident of Kennebec Place reported someone stole the rear light covers from his vehicle overnight. His neighbor has a description of a suspect vehicle and suspects. The report was taken at 8:24am.

Grand theft: NP Expos on Monterey Road reported two surveillance cameras were stolen from the courtyard. The cameras are valued at more than $400. The report was taken at 1:48pm.

May 22

Arson: Live Oak High School reported someone started a small fire in one of the restrooms on campus. The fire was extinguished quickly. The report was taken at 10:16am.

May 23

Battery: A resident of La Crosse Drive reported a casual friend from San Jose came to the residence and threw something through a window. When he went outside, he and the suspect had an altercation, and the suspect “headbutted” him. He told police he was bleeding and needed stitches. The report was taken at 3:11am.

Fraud: A resident of Mathilda Court reported a check made out to him was cashed by his ex-wife without his permission. The report was taken at 1:59pm.

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