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May 26, 2024

War is real misery for real human beings

When I was a young child my aunt Martha used to take me out on

Daily installments on the inevitability of war with Iraq

My best guess is that we won

Maybe – someday – there will be no one who chooses abortion

Wednesday was the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. During Bill

What about a child’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happinesss?

Gayle Tiller, from Planned Parenthood, wrote a letter published

Can we afford new high school?

Good evening, I am speaking to you tonight as an individual

Is it a good thing that we know so very little?

In this great nation, it is of vital importance to know what we

K-Mart Closing Bad For Morgan Hill

When the national news media reports on the economy, the words

Good citizens: treasure beyond gold

Few social problems have quick answers. It takes people

Full-speed ahead on rebuilding Sinaloa

Mexican food aficianados from Morgan Hill as well as from