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Morgan Hill
May 26, 2024

Enlist McPherson’s help in resolving budget mess

Our leaders in Sacramento can

Kudos and many thanks to organizers of Teachers’ Aid Coalition project

EDITOR: Teachers earlier this school year were invited to the

Not equitably enforcing sales tax law costs small businesses in state

EDITOR: This was sent to all bookstore owners after the holiday

Medical science knows that life begins at conception

A recent letter to the editor written by Gayle M. Tiller from

Make up tax revenue loss by not expanding SM Airport

The State of California wants to cut Santa Clara County out of

Call centers mean companies don’t care

I am old enough to remember the days that when you wanted to

Curtain rises on theater – will the audience come?

Well, the moment of truth is upon us. Questions of whether a

War – Lesser of two evils?

The world has grown smaller - a proverbial phrase, that often

Enrollment cutbacks are a raw deal for veterans in need of health care

EDITOR: Denying veterans access to health care from the