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September 30, 2023

Mt. Madonna Challenge race results

Mark Lucas of Monterey, led all in the 6K Salamander racer with a time of 23:54 or about 67 seconds off of the course record during Sunday’s Mt. Madonna Challenge. Salinas’s Tina Chacon triumphed over all of the women participants in the 6K with a time of 29:02.

David Bouley wasn’t among the top finishers in the Mt. Madonna Challenge 12K race at Sprig Lake into Mt Madonna County Park on Sunday.

In fact, Bouley finished only ahead of a few of the runners. But Bouley was not only the first finisher in the 70 Plus Men’s Division but he also was among the survivors of the yellow jacket swarms that some of the 12K runners encountered on the way up the Sprig Trail.

Bouley and about 10 other runners were stung as they either ran through or ran away from the yellow jacket swarm. Bouley was stung 53 times but managed to get through the swarm and continue on the trail.

Some runners returned via the Sprig Lake Trail and others were able to get on past the swarm.

Torben Nielson from from Copenhagen, Denmark won the Mt. Madonna Challenge with one of the outstanding times ever recorded on the Mt. Madonnna course (46:44).

He and most of the early finishers were able to pass the spot where the yellow jackets swarmed prior to swarming. Angela Hernandez. A Gilroy resident, led the women finishers with another outstanding time of 58:55.

The Mt. Madonna Challenge benefited the South Valley Symphony’s Holiday concert for this December and has been a tradition since 1975 and a benefit to the Symphony since 1985. Organizers estimate that about 5,000 was raised.

6K Salamander Run/Walk

Boys 10-18

1st Brent Hatayama 26:22 2nd Dayne Gradone 26:31

3rd Jonmahon Kamai 27:00

Men 19-29

1st Mark Lucas 23:54

2nd Justin Parr 28:41

3rd J. Bewley 35:21

Men 30-34

1st Bob Zimmerman 28:13

2nd Drew Corbett 37:22

3rd Craig Bryan 40:28

Men 35-39

1st Adolfo Rodruquez 31:11

2nd Adam Gemar 31:45

3rd Mike Lima 31:51

Men 40-44

1st Dave Prince 32:06

2nd Douglas Forman 37:07

Men 45-49

1st Neal Ashton 34:16

2nd Keith Phariss 35:46

3rd Lawrence McDonald 38:16

Men 50-54

1st Leroy Daleen 32:16

2nd Anthony Rosso 33:37

3rd Bob Gilbert 33:38

Men 55-59

1st Greg Burke 27:40

2nd Gary Mader 31:55

3rd Jon Hateyama 31:58

Men 60-69

1st Rodney Shaw 35:27

2nd Mark Steelman 37:22

3rd Barney Clavage 57:38

Men 70+

1st Frank Rodriquez 42:13

2nd Wolfgang Haas 60:11

Girls 10-18

1st Katrina Anderson 37:59

2nd Jenni Hinman 44:15

3rd Tess Wafelbakker 51:19

Women 19-29

1st Amelia Carchioi 37:31

2nd Aubrey Blatte 40:20

3rd Krintine Kenefick 41:54

Women 30-34

1st Tina Chacon 29:02

2nd Caroline Rosso 35:05

3rd Tammie Borsany 44:11

Women 35-39

1st Elizabeth Petersen 34:15

2nd Laurie Ness 42:38

Women 40-44

1st Diane Phariss 31:12

2nd Anita Torrez 37:07

3rd Angie Young 40:48

Women 45-49

1st Joyce Parr 34:28

2nd Cindy Scott 42:55

3rd Helen Lim 57:33

Women 50-54

1st Frances Borchay 47:23

Women 55-59

1st Patricia Rinere 47:25 2nd Marisa Maiquez 51:17

Women 60-69

1st Rosita Walski 61:11

12K Mt. Madonna Challenge

Boys 10-18

1st Jose Garcia 55:11

2nd Jesus Atanacio 56:52

3rd Daniel Lim 63:01

Men 19-29

1st Tony Rosas 61:48

2nd Andrew Binder 72:07

3rd Jason Corsello 76:27

Men 30-34

1st Michael Singleton Jr. 54:28

2nd Steffen Doebedrt 55:34

3rd Eddy Jara 62:50

Men 35-39

1st Torben Nielson 46:44

2nd Derrick Pewterman 54:13

3rd Nan Bouchen 64:06

Men 40-44

1st Robert Dickens 52:32

2nd Peter Ellehange 55:12

3rd Raymond Rodriguez 56:28

Men 45-49

1st Larry Bartholmew 55:47

2nd William Bass 64:57

3rd Bill Christopher 69:23

Men 50-54

1st Dan Anderson 56:13

2nd Jose Garcia 72:44

3rd Bobby McKee 60:49

Men 55-59

1st Paul Carrick 67:29

2nd Bill Fenley 59:38

3rd Alan Bernett 84:20

Men 60-69

1st Barry Rowley 74:41

2nd Roger Knoff 76:48

3rd Mike Kearney 95:51

Girls 10-18

1st Lelara Morales 74:43

2nd Danielle King 83:51 Women 19-29

1st Amy Moran 68:22

2nd Lauren Larson 74:30

3rd Maria Ohson 87:09

Women 30-34

1st Angela Hernandez 58:55

2nd Lelia Hinmen 74:48

3rd Erin Gemar 80:00

Women 35-39

1st Maribeth Brewer 63:56

2nd Julie Wolfsmith 67:34

3rd Gretchen Yoder 76:48

Women 40-44

1st Cindy McDonald 68:21

2nd Noreen Bengin 71:45

3rd Wendy Campos 72:33

Women 45-49

1st Marti Menz 69:23

2nd Rosy Bergin 84:53

3rd Janelle Cox 84:54

Women 50-54

1st Dale MCKenna 81:03

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