The Crimson Crusader loves the investigative part of journalism and being an advocate for readers. Please continue to call us or e-mail us and send us out on more adventures. The Red Phone can be reached at 779-4106, ext. 206.



“I am the person that called the Red Phone about the closing of the LeBistro Restaurant. I just wanted to thank the Crimson Crusader for looking into this for me. I was so relieved to hear that the gift certificate I gave my friends will be honored. Thank you so much for your efforts.”


This is what gets the Crimson Crusader out of bed in the morning … knowing that today I just may be of some small assistance to our down-trodden, abused readers, and to the … well, let’s just say you’re welcome.


“Can you give me some information on the new park in Morgan hill between Edmunson Avenue and Watsonville Road? I took my kids to play there and was told that we weren’t welcome and that it was a private park. I took my children home in tears.”


That inviting area on Sunnyside Avenue and Via Vivaldi is owned by the Quail Creek Homeowners Association and is part of the Quail Creek housing tract that is adjacent to the park. The members of this homeowners association are assessed annual fees to pay for the park’s installation and maintenance. The first clue that it is privately owned is the five-foot wrought iron fence running the entire perimeter. The fence is not to keep people in … it is supposed to keep them out. As tempting as this little park is to use, the public must respect the private property of others.

Caller, in your defense, this common area is so new, the gates have not yet been installed, which allowed you access, but it sounds like the person asking you to leave might have used a little more tact.

The Crimson Crusader suggests that you use the parks without perimeter fences that are provided for public use by the City of Morgan Hill.



“The IDI, Independence Day, Inc., in their effort to put on a great show, has solicited donations from the public for the last 10-15 years. Each time they send out their letter, they promise to publish a list of the sponsors who donate to this worthy cause, and for the past 10-15 years, I have never seen this list. Everyone likes their 15 seconds in the sun. Why don’t they follow up and publish the list?”


The Crimson Crusader emailed Alex Kennett, president of Independence Day, Inc. concerning this, so he can forward the e-mail to the correct people. Several of his key people are out of the office this month and wishes us to take this up with him in September.

The IDI is in the process of gathering the list of sponsors for this year’s celebration for publishing purposes.

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