Emma Squires

Live Oak High School sophomore Emma Squires has the chance of a lifetime after being accepted to Harvard University’s Secondary School Program, a summer event where she will be able to earn college credits from the Ivy League institution.

The 15-year-old Squires plans to enroll in two four-unit college courses—Law and Psychology and Financial Accounting—which allows her the ability to earn eight college credits from Harvard.

Squires, who turns 16 in May, was contacted for this program after scoring a 1470 out of 1520 on her PSATs. She maintains a 4.33 GPA at Live Oak High School. She was also accepted to a similar program at Stanford; however, she chose Harvard due to the greater amount of class options and areas of study, specifically the Law and Psychology class. She is planning on a double major in Psychology and Accounting as an undergraduate and then pursuing law school with the goal of becoming a Special Agent in Criminal Investigations with the FBI.

While Squires received a partial scholarship to attend Harvard, she is still in need of raising about $6,500 to fund her trip. Her mother, Catherine Squires, has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the necessary funds for her daughter: gofundme.com/help-emma-go-to-harvard-this-summer.

“It would be amazing if our community could help her to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity to be taking classes with current Harvard undergraduates as a high school student,” said Catherine Squires, a 1993 LOHS alumna. “She has a brilliant mind and I am incredibly proud of her.”

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