Morgan Hill retirees endorse Larry Carr

City employees have a unique perspective on the day-to-day business of the city and the importance of leadership for its success. The City of Morgan Hill is a multi-million dollar municipal corporation operating as a public trust. The city needs thoughtful leaders with a deep understanding of the community and the ability to bring business judgment as well as an appreciation for public processes.

Employees understand firsthand the positive impact of elected officials who do their homework, listen to all sides, and can intelligently frame issues that can lead to solutions.

It was always clear that Larry Carr was prepared, that he was engaged with the community and his colleagues on the City Council, and that he was able to develop consensus solutions to even the trickiest issues.
Larry insisted that public decisions required active outreach to residents and affected businesses. That was a standard not just for himself, but one he challenged staff to follow as well. He made sure that the council held us accountable for sound analysis and recommendations, and for following through on council direction.

Morgan Hill deserves a mayor with a passion for Morgan Hill, and the leadership skills to set and meet ambitious goals for continued progress. A mayor who has the respect of other regional leaders. A mayor who can work with the community, colleagues and staff to rebuild confidence. A mayor who is committed to Morgan Hill’s future. 

Larry Carr is all of these. We support Larry Carr for Mayor.

Retired City of Morgan Hill employees:

Karl Bjarke, Public Works Director/City Engineer

Leslie Little, Assistant City Manager, Community Development

Ed Tewes, City Manager

Janet Kern, City Attorney

Jerry Neumayer, Captain, Morgan Hill Police Department

Troy Hoefling, Sergeant, Morgan Hill Police Department

Steve Schwab, Chief of Police

David Bischoff, Community Development Director

School board needs new slate of leaders

Starting on July 18, members of the community were able to submit their names to run for the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Education and this year there are four spots up for grabs. This is the majority of the committee, and voting in new members could greatly improve the school district. 

Last year, the current board fired the superintendent and hired someone with a less than impressive track record. A member of the community even warned the board members that this was a bad idea. Everyone called to give the new hire a chance and now it has been a year and although there are some good ideas, behind the scenes is a different story. 

MHUSD employees have been leaving their jobs at the school district at an alarming rate; many feel that they are being pushed out. The employees are less than impressed with the decision made by the board of education. History is repeating itself and the employees feel disrespected, ignored and a lack of trust. The environment is toxic. 

Employees feel that they cannot share their concerns with members of the board of education because they do not trust the board members or the superintendent and fear retaliation. 

The board members quietly gave the superintendent a positive review, without any input from the MHUSD employees. The current board of education obviously will not listen to the employees, so this election is the time to put a new majority on the board and find a new leader for the district who is respectful, a team worker and who can bring people together. Someone who knows how to actually be a great leader. 

Jennifer York

Morgan Hill

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