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I believe Wasserman

Regarding the letter that asked the question, “Time for Wasserman to resign?” Good grief! 

Mike has been an amazing supervisor and is an honest man. If he says he cannot remember, I believe him. 

He is one of the most engaged politicians in South County. The work he has done to aid the underserved San Martin area is a testament to the fact that he took the time to listen to the residents and has worked hard to address the land use issues there. 

While we ALL are concerned about our elected officials’ behavior, and sometimes we feel helpless to do anything about it, Mike is one person that I believe really has issues with his memory. In my work, I see the reaction that folks have when our own president lies, cheats, and wishes to be King of the World, so we take it out on our own elected officials. 

Mike is termed out in 2022; do you really want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove and replace an elected official because he cannot remember what happened years ago? 

Ever Onward, 

Swanee Edwards

Morgan Hill

Downtown diners endangered by Trump supporters

On Saturday, Aug. 29, a large group of unmasked Trump demonstrators walked through the outdoor dining areas along Monterey Road in downtown Morgan Hill. There was no  physical distancing and they shouted slogans across our dinner plates. 

This unsafe behavior puts South County citizens at risk for the deadly Covid-19 virus and sabotages local efforts to open our schools and businesses. This is a clear case of the stupidity and selfishness that Trump exemplifies and promotes.

It is possible to be smart, kind and patriotic. Please wear a mask!

Joanne Beebe

San Martin

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