This week, Ms. Swanee Edwards wrote a letter that brought up Larry Carr’s name as a comparison to an inequity she pointed at with the South County Democratic Club. Ms. Edwards has been a friend for many years and while we do not believe her intent was to cause Larry any harm, it’s exactly what has happened.

Larry is running for Mayor of Morgan Hill with a positive message about bringing people together to solve issues and create a united agenda for our future. This campaign will not focus on the things that divide us, but instead on the values that unite us.

We’re not perfect—far from it.  But we’ve had a loving, caring relationship for more than 17 years. We’ve been through highs and lows. We’ve helped raise kids and care for aging parents. We’ve balanced household budgets, planned family vacations and experienced career transitions—together.

We’ve acknowledged challenges and struggles in life and relationships. And we’ve also shared the lessons we’ve learned and the strength we’ve gathered together. We are as strong a couple today as anyone honestly reading this.

In Larry’s campaign kickoff address, he made this statement, “I’ve made mistakes in my life…but I’ve also grown, and yes, I’ve sought forgiveness. I’m a stronger person because of those who have stood with me and challenged me to grow and learn from my past.”

We’ve found that empathy is stronger than the judgment too often cast by others. We choose to live our life with this as a guiding value. I hope you’ll join us.

Barbara Krainock and Larry Carr

Morgan Hill

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