I was a member of the South County Democratic Club for over 14 years. It was not always a pleasant experience for me, but now I must say that I am angry and confused about who they support in the Party and why. 

Years ago, there was a resolution written by this Club after Morgan Hill City Councilmember Larry Carr was arrested and released for domestic abuse. The resolution demanded that the County Dem Party Central Committee throw Larry out of the Party and demanded that he resign from the Morgan Hill City Council, even though he had not had his day in court regarding the second charge (which was later dismissed).

Present day, Rebeca Armendariz, the embattled Gilroy City Councilmember, not only has the support of the South County Dem Club but she is still in charge of the Club’s Endorsement Committee! Larry was accused of throwing a chair, Rebeca had an unpermitted Halloween party where two people were shot and killed. What a bunch of hypocrites! There is a recall effort against Ms. Armendariz, but she will not do the right thing for her community, and her Party and resign! 

Remember the first time Ms. Armendariz ran for Gilroy City Council? She had to drop out of that race because she was stopped by the Gilroy Police and had a bench warrant out for her arrest because she had not showed up for court regarding another citation against her. 

Come on people, ask her to do the correct thing and resign!

Swanee Edwards

Morgan Hill

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