I am writing in support of Dr. Carmen Garcia, Superintendent of Morgan Hill Unified School District. I retired in July 2022 after over 15 years with the district and have recently come back to assist the district providing interim administrative support.  

During my time with MHUSD I have served under four superintendents. I came back because I love the district and I believe in Dr. Garcia’s vision and leadership. She is a genuinely warm and caring person whose tireless energy and expertise are focused on making MHUSD a district where all students thrive and reach their full potential. She fully believes in and is committed to her saying “each student, every single day.”

We are a “unified” school district and we need to be “unified” in not just our structure but also in our support. Dr. Garcia is blamed for employee turnover without looking into the reasons for people leaving (COVID, commutes, promotional opportunities…) or comparing our attrition rates with other districts.   

There are rumblings about transparency and accountability but I don’t see the merit in that. I see a superintendent who reaches out to families, the community and the district through her coffee chats ​(which are open to all​), willing​ly meet​s or speak​s to anyone with a concern, ​encourages collaboration by seek​ing input and expertise but ​who knows that ultimately she has to make the final decisions, and a leader who makes a personal connection with staff.  Her passion and dedication are on display every day. 

Highlights during her tenure have included such initiatives as Dual Enrollment, the AP Capstone Program and a well-rounded elementary education for our specials: music, theater and arts among other positive contributions.  

Let’s start the school year off on the right foot—with a positive attitude and a willingness to continue to support Dr. Garcia. We need to focus on the future​ so that every child can and will succeed.  

Patricia Campbell

Morgan Hill

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  1. Thank you Patricia Campbell for providing us an insight to Dr. Garcia work ethics & her contribution to MH School District.
    Morgan Hill School District needed New Blood & leadership who thinks outside the box and understands their priorities- STUDENTS. not Politics.
    Let School District team & our superintendent DO THEIR JOB.
    Sousan Manteghi Safakish

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