As someone who retired early from the Morgan Hill Unified School District because of Superintendent Dr. Carmen Garcia’s management style, I’m glad the Times is asking questions about the effect she’s had on district staff. 

While she claims to “listen” to parents, staff and students, I’m not sure much sinks in unless it’s a narrative that supports her agenda. I frequently felt my point of view was dismissed unless it supported hers. 

While there are many factors that can drive a mass exodus from a school district or any organization, I feel this is more akin to refugees fleeing a dictatorship. I hope the Times and Morgan Hill parents and staff continue to watch her actions carefully and hold her accountable. 

Veronica Hoyle-Kent

Retired MHUSD Director, Technology & Enrollment

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  1. As a concerned guardian of a child in the MHUSD, I had sent a letter last year of some concerning issues, which was never answered by her, then an email, then another email. Finally the school called me, instead of Dr. Garcia. If she truly cared about our school system she would have had the common courtesy to answer an email or letter addressed to her.

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