The Gavilan College Campus, located at 5055 Santa Teresa Boulevard in Gilroy, was on lockdown this morning around 9:10 a.m. following a car pursuit that resulted in a felony arrest.

No students or faculty were harmed, although college spokeswoman Jan Berstein-Chargin says several parked cars were hit. She said the confrontation ended with “weapons drawn” in Parking Lot A.

During a lockdown, everyone on campus is asked to stay in place. The lockdown ended this morning after the arrest was made, Chargin said.

Sgt. Jose Cardoza with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office says a couple plain-clothed warrants deputies were dispatched at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday to look for Morgan Hill resident Luciano Goff, 33, who has two oustanding felony warrants related to narcotics and carjacking.

Goff has a relative that is attending Gavilan, Cardoza said. Officers conducted surveillance in that general area “to see if he would show up on campus, and he did,” said Cardoza.

The warrants deputies recognized Goff’s vehicle and attempted to pull him over. Goff led the warrants deputies and additional officers from the Gilroy Police Department on a chase while driving above residential speed limits through various neighborhoods around the Gavilan campus. He was eventually arrested for two outstanding felony warrants and an additional charge of evading a police officer.

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