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“Red Phone, there seems to be a lot of trailer restaurants popping up on Monterey Road, three in San Martin and one in the outskirts of north Gilroy. Do they need permits and health certificates to operate? And does the county ever check these out?”

Red Phone: Dear Concerned About Health, Red Phone contacted Heather Forshey, director of the Consumer Protection Division for the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health. She said all food operations that sell food to the public must have an operating permit from the Department of Environmental Health. Hot trucks are no exception. 

“They are inspected regularly by our department, and are required to have both a current operating permit (available to show anyone who asks to see it), but also a current sticker on the vehicle. If there are complaints or if there are trucks that do not have a valid permit, we will investigate. Anyone observing food sales from unpermitted trucks or carts, or food sales from homes should avoid purchasing this food, as it is not inspected by Department of Environmental Health.”

Complaints can be submitted by calling (408) 918-3400 or by filling out the online Complaint form at

Well, there you have it, good caller. Enjoy your meal.

Downtown cupcake shop has closed

“Red Phone, my question is what happened with Lulu’s Cupcakes on Monterey Road? We loved their cupcakes, but it’s been closed for a while.”

Red Phone: Dear Miss the Cupcakes, Red Phone contacted several people in town as to what has happened, but learned nothing, other than they have closed. Anyone who knows if the shop might be reopening downtown or in another location, give Red Phone a call.

And, it should be noted that business close all the time. Earlier this week, Red Phone got a call that Friendly Fred’s in Tennant Station – which has been around for about 20 years – has closed.  Anyone in the know about Fred’s can give Red Phone a call too. It’s a shame when a beloved business shuts it doors for whatever reason, but it does happen. Owners retire, get tired of the long hours, or move on. Thanks for the the good food over the years.

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