Beginning July 1, Caltrain riders can expect to pay 25 cents more for each one-way fare unless they use a pre-paid Bay Area transportation card known as “Clipper.” 

The change is to encourage more riders to switch to Clipper – a ticketing system compatible with all Bay Area public transportation – because currently only 25 percent of one-way and day pass riders use Clipper, according to Christine Dunn, public information officer for Caltrain.

Another 25 cent fare increase looms next year if less than 50 percent of one-way and day pass riders use Clipper by March. Dunn said the goal is to boost Clipper, an expensive investment for Bay Area transportation systems. 

Clipper cards can be purchased at Walgreens on First Street in Gilroy, Walgreens on Dunne Avenue in Morgan Hill, or online at

“A lot of people have misconception that Clipper is for people who take the train all the time, but they are actually very convenient for occasional riders. You can load cash on it and carry it with you and it will never expire,” Dunn said.

The card is consistent with fares on Bay Area Rapid Transit, Valley Transportation Authority and all other Bay Area public transportation systems.

“You don’t have to deal with a bunch of different ticketing stations,” Dunn said. “It’s a bit of a leap to get the card and get it started, but once you’ve got the card, it’s just tap-and-go.”

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