Dear Red Phone,

“I’ve seen this happen everywhere, but Walmart shoppers win the award for being too lazy to put their shopping carts away. Walmart patrons: Is your life THAT difficult that you can’t exercise some common courtesy towards store employees and your fellow shoppers and put your cart back in the cart corral? Will you keel over and die by taking those few extra steps before getting back in your car? Last time I shopped at Walmart, the parking lot was a mine field littered with dozens upon dozens of carts. This epitomizes human laziness and a lack of consideration for others. Come on, folks!”

Dear Cart Dumpers,

Walk a few extra feet and put the cart back in the barn. Remember the lesson your mom taught you (or perhaps didn’t) – clean up your mess. Besides, walking 10 feet to put the cart in the row is good for your health, mental and physical. It matters. Put the carts in the row, it helps other shoppers trying to park their cars and brings order to the universe and reflects well on Gilroy. It’s also good training for your children. Don’t dump the cart and run, it’s a clear sign of selfishness. Don’t be that person.

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