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Local officials gathered in Gilroy on Jan. 30 to remind eligible residents to enroll for Medi-Cal benefits.

The event, held at the County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency in Gilroy, aimed to bring attention to the renewed Medi-Cal eligibility process, impacting more than 15 million Californians, including approximately 480,000 individuals in Santa Clara County.

Officials shared information about the Medi-Cal enrollment renewal process, while also addressing worries about immigration status, clarifying that it won’t affect the Medi-Cal renewal process.

“Applying for or using full-scope Medi-Cal for primary and preventative care will not affect your immigration status,” County Supervisor Sylvia Arenas said. “It will not increase your chances of being considered a public charge and will not hurt your chances of getting a green card. If we can help everyone now eligible for Medi-Cal coverage take action, this can be a huge step forward towards our goal of health coverage for all in Santa Clara County.”

Local Medi-Cal offices review each member’s eligibility once a year (on a rolling basis) or when they report changes to their household, a process that was paused during the Covid-19 pandemic but is back in effect. So far, almost 3.2 million Medi-Cal members throughout California have come up for renewal and had their eligibility reviewed: 47% have renewed successfully, and 37% are still in the process, with the rest having coverage denied or have not yet responded, according to a press release. 

Despite receiving all the required information, many eligible individuals have yet to respond, putting their access to Medi-Cal at risk without prompt action. If eligible residents fail to complete the renewal process in time, thousands of Santa Clara County residents will lose their Medi-Cal coverage and have to re-apply, the press release stated.

Medi-Cal beneficiaries can find help at (and in Spanish at In Santa Clara County, call the Social Services Agency at 408.758.3800.

Medi-Cal coverage for all income-eligible 26- to 49-year-olds was expanded on Jan. 1.

In 2022, Santa Clara County achieved a health insurance coverage rate of 96.7%, providing coverage to 1.8 million individuals.

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