This weekend, more than 100 runners will congregate at Harvey Bear Ranch to take part in an ultramarathon that will last two days.
The Run-de-Vous, or your run, will kick off 6 a.m. Saturday and will continue through 2 p.m. Sunday when all the runners must be done.
A total of 110 runners have registered to take part in one of four races: A 100-miler, a 50-mile-solo race, a 50-mile relay and a 50-kilometer run.
All will take place on a two mile paved loop in Harvey Bear. The starting line will be just off San Martin Avenue, east of Foothill and will continue around the bike path.
Runners in the all the races except the 50k will start at 6 a.m. The 50k race will kick off two hours later.
The racers will have 32 hours to finish the first three races.
Race organizer Rajeev Patel said he enjoys the paved path at Harvey Bear and wanted to create a run on the path that would get those who are just getting into ultramarathons a chance to get a good feel for them.
“It’s beginner friendly, not that 100 mile races are easy,” Patel said.
He started the race three years ago with a little more than 50 people signed up. That number has more than doubled since.
Patel said though the course is flat, it’s lack of climbs can actually cause problems for people. He said if you are running a 100-miler in the mountains, even the most seasoned runners will walk up steep uphill climbs as a way to conserve energy and force themselves to take a break.
With a flat course, Patel said runners can fall into a trap of wanting to go too long without a break, so the walks have to be deliberate.
Run-de-Vous will feature food for the runners, basically made up of anything that can replenish calories of both protein and carbohydrates. Patel said runners can sometimes use gels to get an energy boost, but the longer races require more of an actual food intake to keep going.
“When you run 20 to 30 hours, you need some kind of real food,” Patel said. “Generally protein, not just carbs.”
Patel said he plans to have things runners can carry while continuing on the course, including sandwiches and quesadillas. He will also provide soup, eggs and coffee, among other meals for the runners.
“When you’re hungry, you’ll eat just about anything,” Patel said.
He said soup is the most popular, especially at night, because it sits lighter in the stomach, warms the runners up and has a high salt content to prevent dehydration.
The race will also allow for pacers during the 100-mile race.
Patel said the reason for it emerged out of the mountain races where runners are traversing areas that can get them in serious trouble if they get too tired to pay attention to where they are going. The result is a pacer who will go with the runner after the 50-mile mark to make sure the runner can keep going safely.
The goal of the race, Patel said, is more than just giving runners who enjoy going long distances. He said he hopes to inspire someone to get active and be a catalyst for a healthier country.
“We need to get up and get more active. As a nation, we are trending more toward obesity over the years,” Patel said.
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