EDITOR: I am having trouble understanding all the fuss over the
proposed aquatic center.

I am having trouble understanding all the fuss over the proposed aquatic center.

As a parent of two children who have for years taken local YMCA swim lessons and now are on the Morgan Hill Swim Club team, I have seen first-hand the crowded local pools. Because there is such a high-demand for local swim facilities and very few options, my 13-year old son will practice at 6:30 a.m. this summer. We are not looking forward to this.

Last summer, I was hoping to take a water aerobics class with other senior and middle-aged women. It was cancelled because there were too many kids in the Live Oak Sports camp and YMCA programs that needed the two local pools.

I go to the pool at Live Oak almost every day and it is always full with adult water polo teams, young children taking lessons and swim team members, even at 7 p.m. I firmly believe there is enough demand in our community to support the new aquatic center.

Furthermore, I attend regional swim meets that often have more than 700 swimmers participating. Last year, the Morgan Hill Swim Club hosted a meet at Live Oak that had more than 450 athletes. We had to turn down an additional 250 because we couldn’t accommodate them. Swim meets like these represent great revenue opportunities for our community – not to mention all of the water polo tournaments and national swim events we could host.

Building a new aquatic center with recreational and a competition pool seems to make economic sense. It will also give the families in our community a great place to exercise, meet friends and build community spirit. I fail to see the argument against building the new aquatic center.

Denise Listol, Morgan Hill

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