CCS breathes sigh of relief; Avoids atmosphere of free agency in
high school athletics
Gilroy – Two state bills that local athletic directors and Central Coast Section officials worried would severely harm high school athletics were struck down Wednesday in Sacramento.

Senate Bill 1141, proposed by Sen. Deborah Ortiz (D-Sacramento), which allowed a one-time unrestricted athletic transfer, was dismissed by an 8-2 vote in the senate education committee. Assembly Bill 2312, backed by Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (R-Westlake Village), which allowed unlimited athletic transfers without loss of athletic eligibility, was also voted down, 8-1.

In the time since the two bills were introduced, the CCS pushed hard to get coaches and administrators in the section to lobby against passage of the bills. Section officials posted an open letter on the CCS Web site to CCS members in March, warning that the bills would enable student-athletes to transfer schools to escape academic deficiencies, lack of playing time or to participate in the playoffs with another team if theirs did not make it.

Gilroy athletic director Jack Daley was one person who responded to the CCS’ message and sent letters of opposal to legislators.

“I’m glad that they listened,” Daley said about the decisions. “I think it was really a local control issue and I’m glad they realized it’s a decision best made at the section level.”

Currently, CCS bylaws require student-athletes to prove a bona fide change of address for a transfer. Student-athletes also may be granted a transfer based on hardship, which must be proven and evaluated by the CCS.

Daley felt the CCS and the members who opposed the legislation made an impact on the final decision. He said the situation was addressed at the state athletic director conference he attended last week.

“(CIF executive director) Marie Ishida and (assistant executive director) Roger Blake said that the assemblymen really needed to hear from local people, not so much Ishida,” Daley said. “But it was going to be phone calls from ADs and school boards.”

Ana Patejdl is the sports editor of the Gilroy Dispatch. She can be reached at 842-1694 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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