Ruddy Duck, a male duck, and the Wildlife Education and

Saved from the hands of someone who has an affinity for animal cruelty—Ruddy Duck, a male duck from Gilroy, needs some extra help from the Good Samaritan who rescued him earlier this month.

The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center is looking for the Good Samaritan who brought in the small brown duck to Princevalle Pet Hospital in Gilroy on Jan. 6 for treatment so that he can be returned to his natural habitat.

Dr. Susanne Colbert examined the bird and found it had two bands wrapped from the back of his head in-between his upper and lower beak. The rubber bands were so tight that he could not open his beak to eat. He may have also been shot by a BB gun in the chest.

Ruddy Duck was placed in intensive care where he was monitored and tube-fed. WERC is now ready to release the animal back to the area where he was found, but needs the Good Samaritan to provide information on the location of the rescue.

If you are the Good Samaritan, please contact WERC at [email protected] or call (408) 779-9372. Since the bird is a federally protected species, anyone with any information on who injured the duck can call the Gilroy Police Department at (408) 848-0350.


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