Dear Editor,

Memorial Day weekend is a time when we honor our veterans. I was lucky enough to serve my time in Germany in the mid-60’s. My brother had one tour of duty in Korea and two in Vietnam. He died in a VA Hospital in Springfield, Mo.

I expect that many politicians were out this weekend, making a political case out of their support for our veterans, especially remembering those who “gave the last full measure of their devotion” in the service of their country. I will never know if my brother’s lung cancer came from Lucky Strikes or the dosing of Agent Orange that he got in Vietnam. But, he surely gave a great portion of his life for this country.

That is why I am amazed at the hypocrisy of Richard Pombo, who proclaims loudly his support for our veterans and then votes against them on almost every important vote since the start of the Iraq war. There were a number of issues on which I felt that Pombo was on the wrong side and a few on which I felt that he got it right. But with this issue it has become personal. Our congressman found it in himself to vote to send the best of our youth to Iraq and Afghanistan, and then voted against the funding of research for the best prosthetic devices to help those who left a part of themselves over there. He can send the reservists and National Guard for multiple tours of duty and then vote to not extend job retraining benefits for them when they return.

This is pure hypocrisy and Pombo does not deserve our respect or another term.

Wes Rolley, Morgan Hill

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