Morgan Hill Police released this photo of signal jamming devices found in a home near Llagas Road and Christeph Drive. Photo: Morgan Hill Police

An electronic signal-jamming device was located at a residence in Morgan Hill and disabled, following  notification from Santa Clara County’s emergency communications department that the device was “disrupting, impeding and interfering with the transmission of communications over the Santa Clara County public safety radio frequency,” according to Morgan Hill police. 

The county’s emergency communications team was able to pinpoint the approximate location of the illegal device by utilizing sophisticated radio frequency testing equipment, which determined that the device was located in a residence at Llagas Road and Christeph Drive.

After a search warrant was granted for the residence, officers entered and found two large electronic signal jamming devices. While inside the residence, the officers noted that their police radios and cellular phones were not working. County emergency communications technicians immediately disabled the jamming device, at which time the police radios and cellular phones became operable.

Morgan Hill Police have not released any information about an arrest or arrests in the case.

Police said the severity of the signal jamming in the immediate area resulted in the loss of WiFi, a satellite signal and cellular signals along with a county radio communication tower located nearby.

Morgan Hill Police released this map showing the area where a device found in a local home was jamming cellular and internet signals. Photo: Morgan Hill Police

County emergency communications representatives advised police that the electronic interference adversely impacted all southern Santa Clara County emergency radio operations, including that of Morgan Hill’s police and fire departments, Emergency Medical Services and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. The jamming also affected radio signals for the Gilroy police and fire departments, Cal Fire and other agencies. 

This is an active investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident or those who have experienced any electronic interference of devices can contact Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Scott Purvis at (669) 253-4912.  

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