For the second year in a row the annual hike up El Toro Mountain has been canceled. 

“We regret that there will be no hike up El Toro Hike this year. Property rights and access to the top have not been legally established,” according to the Morgan Hill Historical Society website. 

Last year was the first time in 25 years that the annual springtime hike lead by the MHHS did not take place. A boundary line survey conducted in 2011 showed that the top of the city’s landmark western foothill is not open to the public as previously thought. 

The trail leading up to the mountain, which is commonly used not only by the nonprofit society but also by avid hikers, is actually on private property. The actual property line is further east, toward the bottom of the hill. This means that the trail that faces the valley is on public land, the rest is private.

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