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Public safety authorities are alerting residents after a Morgan Hill resident recently reported a deer that had apparently been killed by a mountain lion in his driveway.

While mountain lions are “frequently spotted in the east and west foothills of Morgan Hill,” they are highly reclusive and “rarely cause for concern,” Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Scott Purvis said in an email.

A resident of the Jackson Oaks neighborhood in east Morgan Hill shared a photo of a dead deer he saw shortly after waking up about 5am Nov. 28. The deer appeared to have been partially consumed.

The resident called MHPD to report the dead animal. Police think the deer appeared to have been killed by a mountain lion, though there were no reported sightings of the predator.

Purvis said the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Jackson Oaks Homeowners Association had been notified of the Nov. 28 deer kill.

On Dec. 2, MHPD posted a message to Facebook advising humans on how to make contact with mountain lions less likely. Police listed the following precautions:

– Mountain lions are generally wary and typically avoid human contact.

– Stay on designated roads.

– Avoid hiking when mountain lions are most active, dusk or at night.

– Do not feed deer.

– Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.

– Provide secure shelter for vulnerable animals.

– Keep pets leashed and children close to you.

– Avoid walking or running alone early in the morning or evening.

– Make noise while you walk so as not to surprise a lion.

If you encounter a mountain lion, police recommend:

– Back away slowly, giving the lion an opportunity to escape.

– Do not run, crouch down, bend over or turn your back to the lion.

– Try to appear as large as possible, wave your arms, and speak loudly.

– Pick up small children.

– If attacked, fight back.

For more information, visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website at or call the Bay Delta Region information center at 707.428.2002.

Police ask residents to report mountain lion sightings to the Morgan Hill Police Department at 408.779.2101.

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