Mayor and local resident travel to Headford, Ireland for
sister-city signing
By John Foggiato Special to the Times

Morgan Hill – Mayor Dennis Kennedy and local resident Bernie Mulligan will put pen to paper to declare a sister city relationship with Headford, Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day.

Both Kennedy and Mulligan will travel to the Emerald Isle to make the relationship with the small town of 5,000 residents in the province of Connaught official. Though the town was developed around the dairy industry, it has recently seen the arrival of a high technology industry.

Another 5,000 people live in the surrounding area. The main street looks like the main street of Morgan Hill with cafes, small boutique type stores and the usual pubs. Around Headford are excellent areas for fishing,especially on Lough Corrib.

The most popular attraction is the Ross Abbey. Founded in 1357 by the Franciscan order, it is well preserved and intact. It is possible to climb to the top of the tower and get a breathtaking view of the Irish landscape.

Kennedy and Mulligan, both of Irish ancestry, invite any Morgan Hill residents to attend the signing ceremony in Headford on March 17. In Ireland, the process is called “twinning” rather than a “sister city relationship.”

On that day, Headford has a St. Patrick’s Day parade and hopes that Morgan Hill residents will participate in the parade and enjoy Irish libations afterwards. It will be a very festive event, as all Irish events are.

For those interested in traveling to Ireland for the festivities, Kennedy and Mulligan will depart on March 10 and return March 20th. The signing takes place on March 17th, so anyone going can arrange their trip around that day. The Anglers Rest Inn is the center for the activities and provides an interesting ambiance, pub, hotel and restaurant mixed together.

For more information, contact Bernie Mulligan at 408-779-6866 or e-mail: [email protected].

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