Vote wisely for school trustees

There is less than a month left before the election. Even with those coming forward with their concerns with the Morgan Hill Unified School District board of education and superintendent, there are many more who are still too concerned about repercussions to speak out. 

The current board members have not reached out to employees, and the superintendent continues her disrespect. It is imperative that there be change. 

Area 1: Vote out the incumbent, the person who has abused her power to get what she wants and views the district as her footstool. Vote in a veteran district employee with tried and true results for what is best for students. 

Area 2: Vote out the incumbent as he is just a pawn in Area 1 incumbent’s game. 

Area 3: There is no incumbent, however, there are three choices. The first has already had enough coverage proving that he is not the right fit for the school board. The second, a lawyer who every time he opens his mouth concerning the school district spews lies and false information. The third, a retired school district employee who has knowledge and understanding of how a school district runs. The choice is obvious. 

Voting in members of the public with no real school district experience has created a dysfunctional group to govern the school district and hire a superintendent with about as much district experience as themselves. This is not a popularity contest, this is voting in who is right for the students and employees of the school district. 

Employees continue to be driven out and money is being thrown at programs to pacify others. How is the district going to be able to hire the people the students need when the reputation and actions of the superintendent are driving current and prospective employees away? 

In short, it cannot, and this community cannot afford to have the school district continue down this path.

Jennifer York

Morgan Hill

Candidate has a clear plan

All leaders who want to be successful must have a plan and a strategy to implement that plan. Johnny Khamis spoke at the Community Roundtable candidates forum I attended and it is clear he has a plan, a strategy and the experience to make it work for our District 1 benefit. He has done it before and will do it again if elected as District 1 Supervisor. 

One needs a strategic plan to implement ideas and actions. Like addressing the homeless issue and not just the current window dressing we have that is costing millions of dollars and getting us nowhere. Like fiscal responsibility so we better use the tax dollars raised. Like using current underutilized County facilities for public benefit. 

Other candidates have a “shotgun” approach to deal with issues as they arise. Always better to have a plan to eliminate problems before they become major problems. Even more so if the problem exists and is not being constructively dealt with and understanding the long term implications for our community. 

Johnny has a track record for proactively addressing problems and not just repeating the same old formulas and expecting different results. Best to check out his website or speak to him directly at a community meeting before you vote! Hope you find this helpful. 

John Goldstein

Pastor, Gilroy

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