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My name is Ted Dubbs and I have lived in Morgan Hill since 1985. Thank you for your paper and service.

During such a challenging time for the City of Morgan Hill, it is disappointing to learn that the current mayor is running unopposed in the next election. Local citizens should be passionate about three issues impacting us in Morgan Hill.

1.  Economic impact and lack of aggressive support to local businesses during the pandemic. 

2.  Passive response to the state hijacking Morgan Hill’s slow growth initiative in existence for over 30 years.

3.  Deployment of 5G technology to provide the highest and most reliable internet service to every school and household in Morgan Hill.

With remote education and work at peak levels and the demands of streaming and video communication, our city leaders need to fight for 5G deployment priority from service providers.  There are parts of our city still using DSL or with no service at all. There are households with no access to internet or extremely unreliable service, not to mention those that cannot budget for service costs. 

I see no plan or vision for our city nor an aggressive response to our key issues. If people do not care enough to run for government, at least speak up and demand our city politicians enact a plan and vision to address our needs.

Ted Dubbs

Morgan Hill

Time for Wasserman to resign?

“Mike Wasserman received a concealed weapons permit without completing the required paperwork.” He apparently used the “good old boy” network to get past a rule that ordinary citizens can’t. He took advantage of his position.  I’m sure he has done a lot of good for Supervisorial District 1 in his years in the post; but, is it time for him to resign?  

Jan Theiss-Guffey


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