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New Caltrain schedule is not convenient

Written in support of my daughter-in-law who commutes from Morgan Hill to Palo Alto to work long days: She and her husband moved back to Morgan Hill in part because the CalTrain schedule met her needs—but no more. 

The extra CalTrain each day to and from Gilroy is a welcome step forward. The accompanying schedule is an incomprehensible leap backwards that will force some South County commuters back to their cars and could even cost them their jobs. 

For example, under the present schedule, the final southbound train leaves San Mateo at 5:42pm, Palo Alto at 6:01pm and arrives in Morgan Hill at 7pm. Under the new schedule, the final southbound train will no longer stop in San Mateo. The last train to stop in San Mateo leaves at 4:40pm, arriving in Morgan Hill at 5:58pm. The final train then leaves Palo Alto at 5:14pm, arriving in Morgan Hill at 6:21pm. 

Most employees must work until 5pm. Those in San Mateo will need a time-warp to make their new 4:40pm last train (previously 5:42pm). Those in Palo Alto will need to borrow shoes from The Flash to make their last train at 5:14pm (previously 5:58). 

Have those celebrating CalTrain’s additional service given any thought to commuters impacted by the new schedule restrictions?

Graham Williams

Morgan Hill

Fourth train opens more travel options for locals

I wish to commend the effort put forth by the mayors of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, and the Valley Transportation Authority and Caltrain in adding a fourth train from Gilroy. A later departure will be beneficial to commuters and other folks alike. 

Perhaps this will provide the impetus to make Gilroy a stop for Amtrak’s Coast Starlight passenger train which currently passes through town on its journey south to Los Angeles and north to Seattle. This is a no-brainer!  

Also advantageous would be an extension to Gilroy, Amtrak’s California Capitol Corridor train and this would complement the existing Caltrain service and also provide service on weekends.  The Transportation Agency for Monterey County is working to extend this train to Pajaro/Watsonville and Salinas.  

Hopefully, the powers that be in Gilroy will lobby to make Gilroy a stop as well. It will open up more travel options for people in South Santa Clara County.  

Gary V. Plomp


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