Honor our elders, celebrate joy

Now that the closures of the pandemic have waned, many are returning to regular schedules and making up for missed travel. I would like to remind everyone that it’s easy to forget that our elders took the brunt of illness during the pandemic—especially those who lived alone in isolation from friends and family. 

For those who lived in residential senior housing, it was also a different time for people. For instance, our community teams worked tirelessly to maintain a connection between residents and their families through virtual communication, and we had to be especially creative in providing door-to-door activities to keep their spirits high.

It’s with this in mind that I would like to ask everyone in the community to take a few moments out of their busy schedule during the week of Sept. 11-17 to honor an elder. This is an important week in the senior living community—National Assisted Living Week. 

This year’s theme is “Joyful Moments.” This theme is especially meaningful given the past two years and it encourages everyone to find happiness, joy and fulfillment in both the big and small moments in life. 

Whether a senior lives in your home, your neighborhood or in a senior living community, this is the time to let them know that you care. We suggest a simple gesture such as writing a card of appreciation or a small token such as giving a plant, or a flower, or dropping off treats to a senior living facility.

As someone who works daily with the senior population, I can tell you that a little kindness goes a long way to making a person happy. 

So please consider making Joyful Moments for our elders from Sept. 11 through 17.

In gratitude to our elders,

Jolie Higgins, Executive Director

Westmont of Morgan Hill

Rule of law will prevail

This letter is dedicated to anyone reading my thinking aloud tirade.

I have been a hardheaded Harry S. Truman Democrat since I was a first-year student at Gilroy High!

However, I have had the privilege of working on election campaigns and being a staff member for some fine Republicans whose love of country has never been challenged. Among those are Congressman Pete McCloskey and Congressman Tom Campbell.

I have always thought that the party is secondary to the needs of our country. Liz Cheney is one of these Republicans. Even though I do not agree with her voting record, I admire her love and affirmation of our Constitution. We need more official representatives who hold fast to their love of country and uphold the promise they make when sworn into office: Defend the Constitution and abide by its principles.

Our country is going through a period of testing to see if we will abide by the rule of law or rule of a despotic being. I know that the rule of law will prevail, and so do you, because we are One Nation Under God!
In closing let me say that the rule of law is the law of our Creator and there is no one above our Creator.

Edward Sanchez


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